Explore life free
from the pain that's holding you back.

Discover options for relief with our therapeutic ultrasound solution that has been specifically developed to deliver fast pain relief for nerve and soft tissue damage.


Can reduce the need for prescription painkillers and addictive opioids

Is available for a range of chronic pain conditions and nerve injuries

May be used during activities or travelling and whilst playing sports

Experience Fast Relief from Chronic Pain

We believe wherever life may take you unnecessary pain should not tag along, and for many people across the UK who suffer from fitness injuries or chronic pain, it usually does.

But pain does not have to follow you anymore.

Composed of a reusable driver alongside disposable actuators and adhesive patches, PainShield delivers localised ultrasound energy to create a therapeutic effect that both relieves pain and stimulates the body's natural healing process.

Are you ready to let go of the pain that's holding you back?

Simple 3-Step System

Chronic Pain Management has never been easier thanks to PainShield's quick and portable design.



Prepare your PainShield with a fresh patch and attach it to an actuator



Plug in the actuator then place your adhesive patch at the site of your pain



Wear your PainShield for a single cycle or more while continuing about your day

Unlock Relief through Bio-Physical Benefits

PainShield works by delivering low-intensity / low-frequency waves over measured periods of time to ensure wearable, discreet ultrasound therapy that's safe and effective for bio-physical benefits in everyday use.

Cell Membrane Activity

Promotes the breaking down of nutrients in your body for accelerated healing


Stimulates the development of new, healthy blood vessels at the location of your pain

Accelerates Nitric Oxide

Expedites molecule production, increasing blood flow while your lowering blood pressure

Enzymatic Reactions

Promotes the breaking down of nutrients in your body for accelerated healing

Fibroblasts Proliferation

Replicates connective tissue cells that produce key molecules required for healing

Protein Secretion

Increases the number of proteins released from cells to aid in faster injury recovery

User Experiences

My Trigeminal Neuralgia pain is gone 100%. No surgery, no pain killers. Just brilliant use of the human integrity and mind.

Patient, 62 | UK

All I can say is go on, give PainShield a try. After six years, my Trigeminal Neuralgia pain has stopped. I've got my life back.

Patient, 42 | Middlesex, UK


What can I expect?

Understandable Guidance

We've got you covered with everything you need to know to start, maintain, and get relief with your new Painshield Device

Complete Equipment Set

All equipment and accessories to begin using Painshield are ready for you, including 30 days worth of adhesive patches for a month's long treatment

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New Starter Kit

Leave your pain behind and begin a new journey with our quick start PainShield at-home package.

Starter Kit


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Pricing & Discounts

If you work for the NHS or have a chronic condition listed as treatable with PainShield, you may qualify for discounts during our launch.

Please inquire about your eligibility by emailing PainShield@Ideal-ms.com.

Order with Confidence

PainShield is created with patients in mind by NanoVibronix and distributed with care by Ideal Medical Solutions.


We care most about user experiences and patient outcomes; to ensure this, we commit ourselves to top-of-the-line customer service and optimal quality control on our PainShield kits

Industry Trusted

We've been working with your local hospitals all across the nation, getting surgeons, doctors, and patients products that not only provide solutions but improve experiences

UK Headquarters

You don't have to wait for a random time of day to speak to us; our business is operated in Epsom and supports continuing community outreach as well as local employment.